The Monkey with the Long, Long Tail at the Park


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A monkey at the park…

…with a long, long tail?!

Alice and Jennie wanted to swing and slide and spin on the merry-go-ground. But would the monkey be content to swing and slide like everyone else?

Probably not.

If you like lighthearted and imaginative adventures you and your children will enjoy this new series. Your first grader can read it for themselves, or read it to your younger children for a delightful bedtime routine.

Available in paperback and hardcover where ever books are sold, or direct from Alice and Jennie here! Signed copies also available.

Book is 8″ x 10″, 26 pages, for children 6-8 years or grades 1 & 2.

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hardcover, paperback, signed hardcover, signed paperback


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